Sizing and Other Fun Tidbits


Samples are 1/4 tsp of product deposited into a sample baggy. As my goal is to sell Halfling and Full sizes, I have made the difficult decision to no longer offer individual eyeshadow samples for purchase. However, you may still purchase samples in sets of 5 or 10 (under the 'Sets' category) and there is no limit as to how many sets you may purchase. 

You may still purchase blush samples individually.


New mini sizes! For eyeshadow, Halflings are 1/3 tsp of product in a 3 gram jar. They do not come in with a sifter. Please note that Halflings do not come with custom top label art as only full sizes feature it. Instead, they come with the standard Hello Waffle logo sticker. 

For blush, Halflings are 1 tsp of product in a 10 gram jar with a sifter and seal. 

Full Sizes:

Full sizes for eyeshadows are 3/4 tsp or 2 grams of product in a 5 gram jar with a sifter and seal. 

Full sizes for blushes are 3-4 grams of product in a 20 gram jar with a sifter and seal. 

Free Samples: 

Orders $38.00 dollars and under will receive a free sample (you may pick which one you'd like in the comments section of your order if you want!) with their package. 

Orders $38.00 dollars and over will receive a free full size product (again you may choose which one you'd like to get, just leave me a message in your order) with their package. 

Other Fun Stuffs (about Waffle):

Did you know Waffle can do tricks? He knows 'Up' - if I snap my fingers above his head he will jump up and grab my arm with his two paws, 'Paw' - admittedly he only lifts his paw and hovers it above my hand because he's stubborn and doesn't like his paws being grabbed, and 'Kisses' - he will lick my hand if I place it near his mouth. He only does all these for the sweet, sweet reward of treats :) 

Waffle is a gray cat but his paws are SILVER. Like literally they have a very silver sheen to them. When he was a kitten, I couldn't take pictures of him with flash because all you would see would be two eyes and silver flashback. He's not as silver as he used to be but his paws have still retained all their silvery goodness. 

Like all cats, Waffle hates closed doors. He's learnt how to open them with his paws and likes to open the kitchen cupboards just to piss you off. All sliding doors need to be locked (re: balcony) because he'll slide them open with his paws. I don't know how he learnt it but it amazes me every time.